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Article: Hera 15 Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig (Hand-Tied) Review by @theartofalopecia

@theartofalopecia wearing the Hera 15 Remy human hair lace front wig (hand-tied) for alopecia and hair loss
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Hera 15 Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig (Hand-Tied) Review by @theartofalopecia

The factors driving hair loss can differ significantly between people. For some, it may be connected to natural aging, but for others, it could be linked to a particular health problem. For instance, those who use a wig may have alopecia, a medical issue that attacks one's hair follicles. In other cases, wigs may be required because of chemotherapy or trichotillomania. 

Hair loss can be extremely distressing, no matter what the cause may be. People have expressed feeling like they have lost a part of themselves due to hair loss.

Identifying Your Type of Hair Loss 

To find the perfect wig for you, first identify what kind of hair loss you're experiencing. Hair loss is usually a result of the following:

  • Genetics is usually the cause of hair loss in older adults, which is the most commonly seen. 
  • Sudden hair loss, like patches or clumps of hair falling out. 
  • Complete baldness 

Choosing the right wig depends on how much hair you have lost. Hair toppers and extensions are a better choice for those with light to moderate hair loss, but those experiencing rapid and heavy hair loss may benefit more from wearing a full wig.

Covering Up Mild Hair Loss with Toppers 

Clio 14 L French - Remy Human Hair Topper 

  • Dimples' Invisible Knots feature the innovative, ultra-thin French Part, which allows for a 360-degree, free-flow parting so you can part your hair any way you choose. 
  • Like the other Clio's, it shapes perfectly to your head without any ridges or gaps and provides a snug fit. 
  • With our Clio French Part, you can achieve a voluminous French Top look that will last all day! Enjoy maximum volume and luxurious styles with this hairpiece. 
  • These pieces are made for comfort, providing a subtle yet realistic look and feel with maximum volume and density. 

Hair Length: 14" Hand Tied 

Base Size: 6" wide x 7" long 

Base: LaceFit French Part with 1/8" PU Perimeter & under knotting 

Weight: 3.1 oz 

Clio 12 L - Remy Human Hair Topper (Hand-Made) 

  • Invisible Fit gives you a flexible, comfortable, and discreet base layer with a natural look. 
  • Goodbye to bulky and glossy visible edges; say hello to seamless color matching. 
  • Combat an unsightly "bad hair" day with Smooth Moves, designed to keep your hair from sticking up at the crown. 
  • Remy hair will give you incredible, extraordinary waves; its full-bodied texture breathes life into your locks, and when left to dry naturally, you'll get stunning beachy waves. 
  • With its under-knot technique, this hairpiece conceals the edges for a neat, polished parting. 

Hair Length:
12" Hand-Tied, Remy Human Hair 

Base Size: 6" x 7" 

Base: LaceFit with 1/8" PU Perimeter & under knotting 

Weight: 3 oz 

Wig Solutions for Severe Hair Loss 

Shopping for a wig can be daunting for people who have suddenly and dramatically lost their hair. 

Dimples has an array of gorgeous wigs that provide full coverage and eye-catching designs to those going through significant hair loss. 

HERA 15 - Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig (Hand-Tied)

  • The PerFit® wig caps deliver incomparable comfort and a barely-there feel with their silky soft layer that mirrors the sensation of real skin. 
  • The pre-cut lace gives off a natural appearance with no glares or apparent edges. 
  • Suitable for creating smooth hairstyles that stay flat around the crown. 
  • You can have natural-looking waves with the Remy hair for a voluminous and textured style that will look like you just left the beach after letting it air dry. 
  • Pre-cut, pre-styled, and ready to put on, the Swiss lace front gives you easy styling with an incredibly thin feel, so you can style your hair however you like without needing a fringe. 

Hair Length:
15" crown to tips. Front: 12". Side 9". Back 9",12",13". Nape 9" 

Cap Size Medium: (21.5"). Circumference: 21 ½", Front to Back: 14 ½ ", Ear to Ear 13 ¼"  

Cap Size Small: (21"), Circumference: 21", Front to Back: 14", Ear to Ear: 13 

PerFit® wig cap, Hand Made, Pre-Cut Swiss Lace Front, Double Silk Mono 

Weight: 4.9 oz 

Hera 19 - Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig (Hand-Tied) 

  • The PerFit® wig cap has a hand-tied construction with a texture that is indistinguishable from the skin, offering an incredibly comfortable and virtually undetectable fit. 
  • The pre-cut lace has no shine or visible edges, blending seamlessly and naturally. 
  • Make styling simpler—have smoother hair at the top of your head. 
  • To get beautiful beachy waves, Remy Hair is the best way to go. Since it has a full-bodied texture, you can still get amazing results even if you don't blow-dry it. 
  • The pre-cut Swiss lace makes styling hassle-free. Thin and luxurious, the pre-cut lace front lets you achieve a look without any fringe. Enjoy the freedom to wear your hair slicked back, parted, or in any style you want. 

Hair Length:
19" crown to tips. Front: 13". Side: 13". Back: 13" -14". Nape: 13" 

Cap Size Medium: (21.5"). Circumference: 21 ½ ". Front to Back: 14 ½ ". Ear to Ear: 13 ¼" 

Cap Size Small: (21"), Circumference: 21", Front to Back: 14", Ear to Ear: 13" 

Cap Type: PerFit®, Hand Made, Swiss Lace Front, Double Silk Mono 

Weight: 5.7 oz 

Dimples' Approach To Hair Loss

The right wig for each individual depends on their budget, needs, and desired style. Dimples Hair provides personal consultations to help you make the best decision. Knowing how delicate hair loss can be, we make sure to foster an atmosphere that's welcoming, inviting, and secure. If you need help finding the perfect wig for your face shape and style preferences, our personalized services will get you started. Contact us today to transform your look and gain the confidence to keep going.

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