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Article: Hera 19 Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig (Hand-Tied) Review by Lacie Rodriguez

Review of the Hera 19 hand-tied remy human hair lace front wig for alopecia from Dimples
Wig Education

Hera 19 Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig (Hand-Tied) Review by Lacie Rodriguez

No matter the cause of your hair loss, whether it be alopecia, female pattern baldness, chemotherapy, or anything else—the right wig can help you feel better about yourself. A full wig covers the entire scalp, while hair toppers cover just the crown of the head, depending on how severe your hair loss is.  

Here are some factors to keep in mind when looking for a hairpiece: 

Hairstyle & Lifestyle

When it comes to wigs, you need to decide if you want your hairpiece to fit your look or try something else. Some people make a switch with their wig and opt for an entirely different style; others purchase a set of synthetic hair pieces so they can easily change up their style daily.  

Women with busy lifestyles and little time for styling may find it most convenient to purchase a wig similar to their current style so they can look natural. Human hair or high-quality synthetic wigs are best if you want a wig you can wear daily.  


Before buying a wig, it's important to decide your budget first. Human hair wigs cost more than synthetic ones, ranging from the low hundreds to thousands of dollars. Understandably, human hairs offer more quality.  

Color & Skin Tone

You don't have to match your wig color to your natural hair, but it should still coordinate with your complexion. We offer wigs in a wide range of tones and shades so you can get the most stunning result.  

Wig Options for Hair Loss  

The right wig for you will vary based on the type of thinning or hair loss you are experiencing. If thinning is apparent throughout, a wig can be helpful. A lace front or monofilament wig is your best bet for achieving a realistic and natural look, with multi-directional parting and a lifelike hairline.  

Lace Front 

Lace-front wigs offer an incredibly natural-looking hairline, creating the illusion of real hair, which makes them popular for wig wearers.  

Hair Toppers

Hair toppers are ideal for providing coverage on specific sections of your head, such as the forehead, sides, and crown. They naturally blend with your hair strands, creating the impression of having more volume. Depending on its base construction, larger varieties offer more coverage compared to smaller ones. Unlike wigs, these pieces are considered to be more of a hair accessory.  

Monofilament Wigs

Wearing these wigs lets you part your hair any way you like, letting you customize the look of your wig.  

With Dimples Hera Wig, you get the best of both worlds!  

Investing in a Dimples Hera wig is a lasting investment in yourself. 

  • Dimples' hand-tied wig cap has an incredibly comfortable and soft layer, so you can barely feel it on your head - almost as if it was your own skin! This revolutionary fit is known as the PerFit®.  
  • Get a naturally beautiful look with pre-cut lace for seamless transitions and undetectable edges.  
  • Remy hair helps you make a statement: it elevates your look with voluminous texture and gives beautiful beachy waves when air dried.  
  • Crafted with Swiss lace, you can go fringe-free with this pre-cut and ready-to-wear design. Enjoy the lightweight feel of its lavish lace front, making it easy to style your hair however you like.  

Wrap It Up 

When it comes to deciding on a wig, price is not the only factor you should consider. The wig has to look good, feel great and, above all else, fit correctly. Dimples Hair has a huge selection of wig lengths, fashions, and colors.

Whether you need a lovely updo with a long wig, an easy-to-maintain synthetic bob for everyday use, or high-grade human hair wigs that look exactly like real hair - we have them all! 

Dimples Hair provides personalized one-on-one consultations to meet your individual needs, whether you need a wig for volume, thinning hair, changing styles, or medical hair loss. With us, you're sure to find the perfect style for you! 

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