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A Business Created From The Pain Of A Broken Heart

Dimples is our founder's love letter to the woman who broke his heart.

Back in the swinging ’60s, a young man was trying to make his mark in Manchester, England. Every lunchtime he would go to his favourite sandwich shop and plan how to make his dream of running a burgeoning business empire into a reality.

But soon his attention was distracted from being a world-famous CEO by a beautiful young woman who took his breath away. He couldn’t take his eyes off her stunning smile and delightful dimples. He soon plucked up the courage to ask her out, and they started the perfect romance.

Our founder was planning to make his love his wife, and when she told him how much she loved helping women in the wig boutique she was working in, a light bulb went on in his head.

He decided to invest his life savings and set up a shop with her. But when the day came for them to open their new business, the woman of his dreams deserted him.

Heartbroken he discovered she was having an affair with the owner of the wig boutique she was already working in.

Our founder didn’t end up marrying the woman who broke his heart. But he decided to use his harsh life lesson to his advantage. He fought back and was determined to feel good!

Dimples is his love letter. Dimples gives support, care and love to women, so they never feel rejected and alone.

Dimples isn’t just about having great hair. Dimples is about finding your inner strength, so you feel you are gorgeous inside and out.


Hair loss is not a failing of the person suffering hair loss.
But a failing of the person who views wigs and the women who wear
them negatively. The fightback starts here.

I will wear a wig... because it makes ME feel better.
I will decide when this is right to wear.
I don’t need your justification...
This is not about you.

This is not MY condition.
This is A condition I have.
A condition I can combat.

I don’t know why I lose my hair.
But it’s more important that I don’t lose myself.
Now is not a time to hide.

Wearing a wig doesn’t change who I am.

From now on I don’t give a sh*t what you think about my hair.

My value is not tied up in your judgement of me.
A loss of hair is not a failing on my part.

I am here to change perceptions.

I am confident.
I am strong.
I am positive.
I am me.

Dimples Wigs & Toppers Core Value: Changing To Grow