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Article: I Just Got My Topper, Now What?

I Just Got My Topper, Now What?

I Just Got My Topper, Now What?


Welcome to an insightful journey into the world of hair toppers, guided by the expert knowledge of Deborah, a renowned stylist with a wealth of experience in hairpiece styling and maintenance. In this comprehensive discussion, hosted by James, we delve into the intricacies of choosing, caring for, and styling both human hair and synthetic hair toppers. Whether you're a newcomer to the world of hairpieces or an experienced user seeking to enhance your skills, this blog provides a treasure trove of valuable tips and professional secrets. From understanding how toppers behave right out of the box to mastering the art of custom styling and dealing with common challenges, Deborah's advice is a guiding light. Join us as we explore the transformative power of hair toppers and learn how to achieve that perfect, natural look with confidence and ease.

Understanding Hair Toppers Fresh Out of the Box:

  • Deborah explains that new toppers often come with a synthetic shine and a zigzag parting. She advises brushing the hair back to allow it to fall more naturally.
  • To adjust the direction of the hair, she suggests spritzing the root area with water and then styling, as the direction of the hair is determined by the root.

The Transformation After Washing:

  • Washing a hair topper for the first time brings significant changes. The piece becomes fuller, and the colors blend more naturally.
  • Deborah’s pro tip: Shampoo and condition carefully, focusing conditioner on the ends and avoiding the root area to prevent shedding.

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Styling and Customization:

  • Customization is key for a natural look. Deborah emphasizes the importance of focusing on color matching and base size.
  • For a personalized touch, Deborah suggests consulting a stylist for professional coloring and customization, which can significantly enhance the appearance of the topper.

Tools and Techniques for Home Styling:

  • Essential tools include a good quality blow dryer with a nozzle, curling iron, flat iron, spritz bottle, and specific shampoo and conditioner for hairpieces.
  • Deborah recommends styling on a mannequin head, particularly for beginners, to avoid damaging biological hair.

Drying and Storing Hair Toppers:

  • Deborah recommends letting hair toppers, both synthetic and human hair, dry naturally as much as possible before styling. This approach extends their lifespan and maintains quality.
  • For storage and travel, silk scarves and hair nets are ideal. Deborah suggests wrapping the topper in a silk scarf to maintain its condition while on the go.

    Addressing Common Concerns and Styling Challenges:

  • For those with limited bio hair at the front, Deborah advises placing the topper a bit back from the natural hairline and adjusting the clips to areas with more hair for secure attachment.
  • She also mentions the use of lace front tape or hair products like 'Got to Be' to secure the topper in place, especially at the front.

    Creating a Natural Look:

  • To make the transition from topper to natural hair seamless, Deborah suggests using root touch-up products. These products help blend the topper with the natural hair and cover any visible lines.
  • She also recommends cutting baby hairs or using specific makeup products for wigs to create a more natural-looking hairline.

    Application Techniques:

  • Deborah demonstrates the correct way to apply a topper, emphasizing the importance of opening all clips before application and the correct orientation of the topper.
  • She shares a simple yet effective method: Open, Whip, Scoop, and Snap, making the process easy to understand and replicate.

    Choosing Between Toppers and Wigs:

  • In cases where there is no bio hair at the front, Deborah suggests considering a wig instead of a topper for better coverage and comfort.
  • She points out that while toppers are excellent for certain situations, wigs might be a more suitable solution for extensive hair loss, especially at the front.

    Future Developments and Innovations:

  • James hints at upcoming products in development, focusing on comfort and natural appearance. These products aim to address specific consumer needs and improve the overall experience of wearing hairpieces.

    Final Insights:

    The interview with Deborah provides invaluable insights into the world of hair toppers. From choosing the right product to styling and maintenance, her expert advice is a treasure trove for anyone looking to enhance their appearance with hair toppers. With the right techniques and products, achieving a natural, comfortable look is entirely possible.

    Recap and Additional Insights on Hair Toppers:

  • Toppers appear different after washing, with improved blending of colors and reduced shine. It's essential to decide on keeping the topper before washing it due to return policies.
  • For color choices, going lighter is preferable as it’s easier for colorists to work with, and it complements the wearer's biological hair better.

    Customization and Styling Tips:

  • Deborah offers custom coloring and cuts, including face-framing layers, highlighting, and lowlighting, which can be done remotely.
  • For styling synthetic toppers, Deborah recommends using a temperature setting of 300 degrees Fahrenheit (about 149 degrees Celsius) to avoid damage.

    Handling Synthetic Toppers:

  • Synthetic toppers require gentle styling. Deborah demonstrates how to adjust parts and curls using minimal heat and careful handling.
  • She emphasizes the importance of letting synthetic toppers cool down after styling to set the curls or waves.

    Care for Synthetic Toppers:

  • Synthetic toppers, especially longer ones, can experience frizz due to friction. Using a steamer or taking them to a wig salon for professional steaming can help.
  • Deborah also recommends the use of revitalizing mist for styling and smoothing synthetic hair.
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    Frequency of Washing Toppers:

  • Toppers only need to be washed after approximately ten wears. Overwashing can shorten their lifespan.
  • When it is time to wash, focus on the hair, avoid the base, and use appropriate products to maintain the topper’s quality.

    Future Collaborations and Consumer Education:

  • Deborah and James plan to continue their educational series, providing more detailed demonstrations and tips for topper and wig maintenance.
  • For those interested in Deborah’s services, contact information is provided for personalized styling and customization requests.


    Deborah's expertise sheds light on the importance of proper care and styling for hair toppers. Her in-depth knowledge provides a wealth of information, from the initial unboxing and washing to advanced styling and customization techniques. Whether you’re a first-time user or looking to refine your technique, her advice offers valuable guidance. The key takeaways from this interview are the significance of gentle handling, appropriate washing frequency, and the right use of styling tools and products. Deborah’s tips emphasize patience and practice, which are essential in achieving a natural, beautiful look with your hair topper. By understanding these nuances, users can ensure their toppers not only look great but also last longer. Stay tuned for more from Deborah and James for insights into the evolving world of hair toppers and wigs. For personalized advice or services, don't hesitate to reach out to Deborah. Your journey to mastering hair toppers begins with these expert insights and your willingness to explore and learn.

    Check out our "Beyond"  page on our website for more interviews and styling tips from professionals like Deborah. Discover the secrets to making your hair topper look its best and boost your confidence in your style!

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