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Article: From Postpartum Depression to Extreme Self Care: The Story of Emily Raber

Beyond The Head Start with Emily

From Postpartum Depression to Extreme Self Care: The Story of Emily Raber


Welcome to an inspiring conversation with Emily, a remarkable woman who has embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-care. In this heartfelt interview, Emily opens up about her experiences with hair loss, postpartum challenges, and the importance of prioritizing self-worth. Join us as we delve into her story, filled with ups and downs, resilience, and the power of self-love.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Journey

Emily's journey begins with a warm welcome to the show, where she reflects on her modeling experiences and the transformation she has undergone over the past year. It's a testament to her growth and the strength she's found within herself.

Navigating Postpartum Challenges

Emily's path takes an emotional turn as she shares her experience with postpartum challenges. With three beautiful daughters to care for, she faced a whirlwind of emotions, hormonal changes, and self-doubt. Her story serves as a reminder that postpartum struggles are common and deserve open discussion.

Rediscovering Self-Worth

Amidst the challenges, Emily discovered the importance of self-worth and self-care. She talks about the tools and strategies she implemented, like daily affirmations, to help her maintain a positive mindset. These practices served as a lifeline, helping her regain her confidence and sense of self.

A Bold Move: Shaving Her Head

In a moment of impulse, Emily decided to take a bold step and shave her head. She shares the liberating experience of embracing her baldness and the support she received from her husband and sister. This pivotal moment symbolizes her journey of self-acceptance.

The Decision to Shave

Taking the Plunge

Emily begins by describing the moment she decided to buzz her head. It was an impulsive choice, a gathering with friends, and the simple desire to break free from the burden of hair loss that had been plaguing her. The decision to take this bold step marked the beginning of a transformative journey.

Unraveling the Emotions

As we delve deeper, we learn about the mix of emotions that accompanied her buzzed head. She shares her excitement, the exhilaration of feeling the wind on her bare scalp, and the joy that came with embracing this new look. Yet, there were moments of doubt and uncertainty, questioning whether this choice was the right one.

The Discovery of Toppers

A Surprising Revelation 

Following her buzzed head,  Emily stumbled upon a revelation - hair toppers. She had no idea that such a solution existed and was intrigued by the idea of having hair again, not as extensions but as a way to address the specific thinning on top of her head.

Seeking Approval from Loved Ones

Emily confides in those close to her about her decision to explore hair toppers. Initially, she receives mixed reactions, with her mother expressing concern and apprehension. This prompts her to reflect on the significance of seeking approval from others and the importance of remaining true to oneself.

Embracing Self-Worth

The Power of Self-Confidence

As the interview unfolds, we gain insight into Emily's journey towards self-acceptance and self-worth. She shares her perspective on the need to validate oneself, irrespective of external opinions or societal pressures. Her self-confidence becomes her guiding light, illuminating the path toward self-discovery.

Lessons for the Next Generation

Emily emphasizes the importance of setting healthy standards for self-worth, especially for the younger generation. She discusses the significance of instilling self-assurance in her children, teaching them that beauty lies within and is not defined by external appearances.

A Journey Beyond External Approval

In this captivating interview, we witness a powerful transformation. Emily's decision to buzz her head marked the beginning of a journey that ultimately led to the discovery of her true self-worth. Her story serves as a reminder that we should prioritize self-acceptance and confidence over seeking approval from others. In the end, it's not about how we look; it's about how we feel within our own skin.

Overcoming the Learning Curve

Transitioning to wearing a topper can be a learning process. Emily acknowledged that mastering the art of using a topper can take time. It may take a few weeks or even months to become proficient. She emphasized the importance of not waiting for perfection before wearing it in public. Each person's journey is unique, and some may find comfort in wearing their topper at home to gradually build confidence.

Familiarizing with Toppers: A Daily Ritual

Emily shared her daily routine with toppers, describing how she takes it off when she comes home, sometimes leaving it on a chair. She humorously compared it to a "little puppy" from afar. This ritual serves to normalize the presence of toppers in her life, making it an integral part of her daily routine.

Breaking the Silence: Toppers and Celebrities

A Hidden Beauty Secret

Emily pointed out the lack of discussion around toppers, even among celebrities who wear them. While makeup is openly acknowledged and praised, toppers often remain concealed. The stigma surrounding hair loss and the use of toppers prevents open conversations about this topic.

The Old Fashion Joke: Toppers vs. Wigs

The interview also touched upon an old industry joke that highlights the subtle nature of toppers. It's a testament to the effectiveness of well-blended toppers that seamlessly blend with natural hair. The conversation explored various aspects of toppers, from different base materials to styling techniques.

Choosing the Right Color: A Delicate Balance

The Challenge of Finding the Perfect Match

Emily holding Dimples color ring

  1. ClipFit | Color Ring Remy Human Hair
  2. ClipFit | Color Ring Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair

Selecting the right color for a topper can be daunting. Emily offered practical advice for those struggling with color choices, emphasizing that a slight mismatch is not a significant concern. She recommended going slightly darker if uncertain, as it's easier to blend, and the minor color difference won't be noticeable.

Maintaining Your Topper: Tips for Longevity

Caring for Your Toppers

Emily shared her insights on maintaining toppers. She stressed the importance of not overwashing toppers, as frequent washing can reduce their lifespan. She recommended washing only when necessary and using conditioning products to keep the hair in good condition. Emily also discussed the use of oils and conditioners to enhance the topper's longevity and maintain its texture.

Styling Out of the Box: A Skill to Develop

Styling toppers can require some effort, especially when freshly unboxed. Emily advised allowing for some time and practice to style toppers effectively. She also mentioned the importance of recognizing that the hair might change its texture after washing, and understanding this can ease any disappointment.

Three Empowering Tips for Newcomers to Toppers

A Message of Hope and Empowerment

To conclude, Emily shared three empowering tips for individuals who are new to toppers or facing hair loss:

  • 1. You Are Not Alone: Emily emphasized that many women face similar challenges with hair loss, even if they don't openly discuss it. It's important to remember that you're not alone in your journey.
  • 2. Build a Foundation of Confidence: Emily encouraged building a foundation of self-confidence and self-love. Negative thoughts and self-doubt can be counterproductive, so embrace your worth and stay positive.
  • 3. Be Bold and Brave: Emily urged everyone to be bold, brave, and confident in their choices. Whether it's wearing a topper or confronting life's challenges, boldness can have a profound impact on your life and those around you.

Emily reminds us that beauty comes in many forms, and confidence can be found even in the face of adversity. Hair loss may be a part of your journey, but it does not define you. Embrace your uniqueness, and remember that you are not alone on this path to self-acceptance and confidence.


Emily's Favorite Toppers

Clio 14 L French | Remy Human Hair Topper (Hand-Made)

Clio 14 L French | Remy Human Hair Topper (Hand-Made)

Clio 14 L | Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair Topper (Hand-Tied)

Clio 14 L | Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair Topper (Hand-Tied)

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