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Ellen B. New Orleans (12/20/21)--part 1:
My Clio arrived today!!  And I love it!  
I wanted to let you know it's here; the color is perfect; and I seriously cannot believe how thin and lightweight it is! 
Also, the texture of the hair is finer and closer to my own than any other topper I have tried.  
I cannot wait to style it, move the part, maybe wash it right away, and customize it a bit with my stylist so that it blends.  I promise to share pics.
Thank you for the consult, quick shipment, and overall a wonderful experience purchasing from you!  I will keep in touch and keep you updated. 
Ellen B. New Orleans (1/10/22)--part 2
I Just wanted to send a quick update:
I've been wearing it a lot at home and for work--Zoom calls all day.  I still love it!!  It's so light and comfortable!  It sits so flat and has so much movement and volume.  It's more volume than I've had in years.  I put it up in a fairly high ponytail the other day and it wasn't heavy or pulling on the clips. 
I am really obsessed with it! 
Honestly, I do kind of miss the realist silk scalp, and am a bit more self conscious about the mono top.  I used some scar tape and concealer and it helped.  But ultimately the tradeoff is definitely worth it and will be more so in the heat!!!  I am not looking back!  
My only small issue is probably unique to me.  I tend to pull/push back the hair around my face a lot, and end up flipping up the cap accidentally and the underneath shows.  Most of the time it's fine and doesn't matter (at home/zoom calls these days), but I am going to try a little velcro or maybe  add a comb for when I go out and want it extra secure.  But other than that, it's really so great!  And that's really a small issue that's easily fixed.  
I'm also very seriously considering a synthetic one to wear to the gym and in/around the pool so that I have one that I still love for those activities, but don't have to treat quite as delicately as human hair. Who am I kidding?  I am totally ordering one!  It's just a matter of when.  :)
When you decide to make a longer one, please keep me posted. I will be first in line!  Fortunately, I had cut my hair recently and this really is a good length and is closer to how I wore my hair for most of my adult life so it's even more natural.  
A few pics attached so you can see it and the blend, and a before and after.  I have done NOTHING to it other than a few baby waves with a flat iron.  Once I have my stylist layer it for me and wash it, I know it will only get better.  
Thank you, thank you!!!
Dimples Hair
Shay C. Galgary, Canada

"I would like to thank you again ,for helping me out. I really like the fit of the cap and the quality of the hair. My own hair (years ago )  was gold quality European hair. Considering the fact, that  I have Alopecia areata ( bald spots) , it’s comforting to wear a wig that replaces what I once had .  I’m not a young woman anymore , but I still try to take good care of myself .
This is my third Dimples wig that I have purchased . The other two are “Kylie”.  Take care , and thanks again 😀  ."
Dimples Values

 Marg C. Arizona, USA

Adele Remy Human Hair Wig, hand tied, lace front color Noir (1B)

"I am writing today to let you know how much I appreciate all of your help in finding me a perfect fit and beautiful wig.  Two things I didn’t know existed in one product until I found Dimples. 

I had initially heard of Dimples after I stumbled upon some review videos on YouTube.  These gals doing the review had alopecia just like me so I knew that they probably have dealt with wigs in the past that created the same problems I have run into for the past 25 years. 

A couple of issues I have had are caps being too large since I don’t have any hair and caps being itchy or uncomfortable. 

Who wants to spend $2,000 plus on something that feels horrible on your head!?!  Not me! 
Fast forward to me finding out about Dimples... I went on their website and found an email address so I could ask about cap size. 

I got a response immediately and felt like they really understood my concern about the cap being to large with other companies I have tried.  I was sold! 

Dimples also nailed the color that I really wanted. 

All I had to do was give them the color/brand of a wig that I have liked the in the past and they knew exactly what I would like. 
I had my new wig in my hands before I knew it. 

She is beautiful, perfect, soft, and most importantly she is so comfortable on my little bald head.  I can’t believe I suffered over 25 years wearing uncomfortable wigs that were too large for my head! 
From the quality and comfort of the wig to the customer service, I could not be more pleased.  I’m so excited I finally found a beautiful comfortable wig that I even gave Dimples information to my dermatologist so she can share with other women in her practice that have alopecia. 
Thank you Dimples, you have no idea how much the quality of my life."

Dimples Hair


Anna K. Houston. USA

Liv Remy Human Hair Wig, Hand Tied, Lace Front, color: Almond Roast Rooted

"Thank you very much for checking and overall all the easy experience to buy from you.

I have to thank you and your team that we have professionals that make this high quality product that definitely make our life easy and happier.:)

Again very happy with my purchase and also very pleased with the easy and warm experience buying it online. Also thank you so much for the fast shipping."

Dimples Values


Tracy H. Omaha. USA Salon Operations Director

Clio Remy Human Hair Toppers

Remy Human Hair Wigs Lace front, hand tied

Hair Care

"I have been selling and personally wearing Dimples wigs and toppers for many years and I am so excited about the new products and what is to come.

Dimples has always been ahead of the trends in designs. The Dimples team is top notch in their customer service and they make their customers always a priority in all aspects.

Integrity and quality is top of mind when I think of the Dimples brand. Thank you for making fantastic hair products!!"

Dimples Values

Adrian T. Ontario, Canada

Hera 15 Remy Hair Wig, Hand tied, Lace front, color Honey Bun Rooted (7n8n9nR)

"I don’t feel 58 lol! I love your products 🙂. Thank you! I did have bangs cut in. I am obsessed with this colour!!
I have actually owned two Kylie’s and now Hera 15. I sure hope you don't discontinue this Honey Bun colour."

Dimples Icon


Jess, Stylist of Bravadas Wigs and Extensions, Kansas

Dimples Clio Remy Human Hair Toppers

"We are so grateful, everything you do is so consistent. I know it's going to be great from the second I unbox it.
Every single person that has walked out with your toppers is so beyond happy that they always come back for another one.

I see some walk in and think, 'oh I can't wait to put a Dimples topper on them.'" Both of us have sworn by Dimples.
I have my go to's and Dimples is my go to, your toppers just sit so flat.
Your hair takes color so well. The 10NR, your lightest blonde, it's great for customizing!

Dimples is our go to, the Clio's are the best toppers, you guys go above and beyond, and now you have the heat friendly toppers, they are a better option for budget friendly people.

With the heat friendly toppers compared to the human hair toppers, you got the colors so close, you couldn't have gotten it closer, and I know how hard that must have been."

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