Wigs 101: Different Types of Hair

One of the main decisions to make when purchasing a new wig or topper is the type of hair you want. The two major categories are synthetic hair, and human hair, which contain several subcategories under both. At Dimples, we know wigs and toppers aren't a one size fits all, so we offer both! We're here to break down both options and help you find the hair of your dreams


Synthetic Hair

Low-maintenance, affordable and ready to wear right away, synthetic hair suits those who just need to get up and go. A special blend of fibers balances the silky softness of K7 with the firmer texture of ADW to help hair hold its shape. High temperature styling is off limits for these hair pieces (and be sure to stay away from hot ovens!). Just style with steam to restore life in older pieces.
Show off your look, straight out of the box. Just don’t forget to handle this hair with care (storing synthetic pieces on a wig tree, head or box works a treat). The curl pattern, style and fibers will thank you later. 

Human Remy Hair

Our 100% natural Remy hair is a smooth sensation that keeps you in control of your style. Sourced from Asia, the hair is carefully sorted to set every cuticle in the same direction to stop tangles in their tracks. It’s then treated to soften the cuticles before being color matched to the shade you’re craving. By leaving some cuticles intact, the hair boasts beautiful movement that blends naturally.
Swish it. Flick it. Work it. The result is a full-bodied texture with strength, softness and longevity that takes any style in its stride. Wear it your way with the freedom to use heated tools and customize your look with lowlights. For fuss-free styling, just air-dry Remy hair to create natural beachy waves.
Ultimately, the best way to know what type of hair suits you is through trial and error. For additional help, head over to our VIP Salon Locator to find a salon near you, where one of our partners can help you find your perfect match!