Tips and Tricks to make your Hair Piece last longer!

  1.  Do not swim in your human hair wig/topper. Chlorine, salt water, etc., will dry out the hair. 
  2.  Refrain from sleeping in your wig/topper. It will cause tangling and matting and cut down on the longevity of the wig. 
  3. Do not leave your wig/topper out in the sun to dry, as the sun causes color fading and dries out the hair. 
  4. Do not scratch your head through your wig/topper when itchy, as it could cause bald spots on the wig. Dab or tap instead. 
  5. Do not pull on the lace front to adjust the wig. Pulling the lace front can cause the lace to tear or fray. Instead, use the ear tabs to adjust. 
  6. Always leave your wig/topper on a mannequin head or inside its box when not in use.