How to create volume, curls, body, and movement with your Remy Hair Human Lace Front Wig

See how pat creates volume, curls, body and movement with a hand made Remy Human Hair Wig. It's crazy! watch how she does it. Body and volume is usually only possible with machine made wigs, but we've knotted our Human Hair wigs to give the freedom of 360 degree styling WITH VOLUME!

Wig Shown: Hera 15 in Honey Bun Rooted

Check out our Hera Collection of Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wigs. We make 

all of our Hera wigs by Hand! Yes, that's handmade, with a Swiss Lace Front, that's pre-cut, and ready to wear. The lace sits flat and doesn't role up, and there's no need to use lace tape!

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Wig Shown: Hera 15 in Honey Bun Rooted