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Article: Hera 19 Remy Human Hair Review from @theartofalopecia

Review of our Hera 19 Remy Human Hair Wig by the gorgeous Marcy Gallant aka @theartofalopecia
Wig Education

Hera 19 Remy Human Hair Review from @theartofalopecia

See Marcy's aka @theartofalopecia review of our Hera 19 Remy human the honey bun rooted color. 🍯

For today's video honestly, the past probably 10 videos have been probably wig reviews so yes, we are doing another wig review and I'm so excited about this one. This is a company that I haven't reviewed before, and their name is Dimples. I am super excited to show you this gorgeous wig that they sent me. I am absolutely obsessed, it has easily become one of my favorite wigs and hint hint it's because it's so freaking comfortable. And you guys know that I love to call myself a lazy alopecian. I just love a good wig that I can simply throw on. Don't have to use any adhesive, don't have to worry about any glue or tape, I just throw it on and out the door I go and that is the kind of wig that this is, but this is on a whole extra level of comfortability so I'm really excited to share with you guys. Also, don't mind the mess behind me. I am in the process of going through my wig storage which is over there and reorganizing it and there's just like a bunch of crap at the very top. And also, my dog is here so if you hear any snoring or if you see any movement that is Hope.  


" has easily become one of my favorite wigs and hint hint, it's because it's so freaking comfortable." 


But let's get started on the packaging because you guys all know that I love to do a little bit of a review slash unboxing on the packaging, even though I already did a little bit of unboxing on TikTok and I also posted on reels so be sure to check that out as well. Alrighty let's get started with the unboxing slash review of the packaging. So it came in a good old box, has dimples tape which is so cute. I really would love to have like art of alopecia tape. I feel like that'd be so freaking cool or like Marcy tape, that would be rad. Absolutely wild, because I send like a lot of packages out so I feel like it'd be cool to use my own tape instead of like just like your ordinary packaging tape.  

Anyways on to the box. So, the wig came in a dimples ziploc bag, and obviously, the wig went in here, it had tissue paper inside to hold the shape and I had the netting all around so it was nice and protected inside the box, but it didn't mean that it would it came pre-styled which I was kind of upset about. Not all companies do that only some but the only thing that I don't love when a wig comes in a bag is it adds like a lot of like crimps to it. But sometimes I just love receiving a new package, a new wig, and having it pre-styled so that I can just rock my new wig immediately because I get a little impatient because when I get awake and I'm really excited about it, I want to wear it immediately. I don't want to do any work. But anyway, the wig is just fantastic guys. So that was really it for the packaging. It came with some really cute tissue paper, I love a good tissue paper, and just like the order confirmation of what I got. But that was the packaging so let's move on to the wig.   

Alrighty guys, let's get into the real reason why you clicked on this video. It is because you want to see this gorgeous wig, it is in fact so gorgeous. So, introducing this Hera 19 from the company Dimples. I am really obsessed. I have just recently added in some waves because I've been rocking straight hair for a few days as I've been kind of testing it, out wearing it out and I was just I was missing my waves. I always prefer a good wave or a curl over being straight that goes for like any hairstyle any wig. I'm just more of a curl kind of gal I don't know straight hair just like it's not as fun for me, but that's just my personal opinion. Anyway, I have my computer down below so I will give you guys some of the specs.  

 So, as I said this is Hera 19, Hera comes in three different lengths I believe on their website, but I will have this one listed down below in a direct link. So, she is in the color Honey bun rooted. I am obsessed with this color, absolutely obsessed. Her hair length is 19 inches from crown to tip. The cap size is a size small which fits my head perfectly and it is a handmade Swiss lace front, so you have the lace front here and this is a mono top, and it is hand-tied. Oh guys, they don't make enough hand-tied wigs anymore. I know. It involves a lot of work, but I'm telling you if you haven't tried a hand-tied wig before you've only been experiencing like machine wefted I promise you this will change the game. Not only does it allow your wig to look a lot more realistic. It's so comfy and you can just like wear your wig for hours and hours on end for days. And it is just the comfiest cap my goodness. And I love this instead of the normal adjustment straps. We have a Velcro I love a good Velcro I just bought kids' sandals and they came in Velcro so I got really excited about that. But ultimately the cap construction is absolutely gorgeous and like the material the monofilament on the ear tabs and on here, guys this hub is like made for ultimate comfort and I'm just so impressed. And as I said it is a lace front the knots are not bleached. Honestly, you don't really need them when it comes to this wig because it's absolutely gorgeous.  


 All right, time to throw it on oh my goodness like look how easy this is. I just get so excited because this wig its just so easy and I love it. And this shirt is gonna go up and I'm just I'm not going to worry about it. Okay, I've adjusted it accordingly. I am lining up the ear tabs with my ears, I haven't got this excited about a wig in so so so long. Like Ultimate package. It is the most gorgeous blonde. It has the most natural part and it's easy to throw on. I don't know what to tell you guys but oh my goodness. But another thing to mention, this wig doesn't only come in this color. It comes in 10 other colors so if you love this wig, but you're looking for something a little bit lighter, a little bit darker, guys they've got 10 colors to choose from. So, I would highly highly recommend going to check out Dimples. It doesn't look like they have a huge selection. But they have like their main wigs, but all of their main wigs come in like 10 colors. So, all you have to do is pick the style that you want and match it with the color that you want, and then bam you have a gorgeous dimples wig. I don't exactly know the density of the wig, but it feels very light, very low in density which I love. It just adds that extra layer of realism which I am dying for. It is so so so gorgeous.  

But now, let me give you guys an up close on the hairline and the part it is chefs kiss so gorgeous. And as I said previously, the knots are not bleached. Honestly, I don't think they need to be on this wig. It is just that good. But a lot of people don't know that when you bleach the knots it actually starts to tear the lace a little bit more because obviously, you're adding chemicals and that can be very harsh on the lace. So, I guess it all really depends on personal preference. And I actually liked how they didn't bleach the knots because it will just like extend the lifetime not much more. As I said I think it all really depends on personal preference if you're willing to risk it. Just know that when you're bleaching knots, your wig lace will not last as long as if you didnt.  


" feels very light, very low in density which I love. It just adds that extra layer of realism which I am dying for." 


Let me give you an up-close. So here we are. You can put it wherever you'd like. I have just decided to do like a side part. Kind of feeling it, might change it the other way because I can. But for right now we're just doing a little off center part. So yes, here it is. And here is the hairline. So, as you can probably begin to tell it is quite straight. So, what I would recommend doing is you could probably add in like baby hairs or face framing layers like if you're doing a half up half down, you can always just like hold down pieces to kind of disguise the straight hairline. I've been rocking this hairstyle for the past few days. So, there are a lot of things that you can do but if you are wanting kind of like a slicked back look without any hairs hanging then I would recommend cutting in some baby hairs. You have this much space to style it because the ear tabs are here. So, you can't necessarily pull it back all the way without kind of pulling down pieces, just so you know what you can and can't do with it. But the thing that I love about hand-tied pieces is you can do a lot more up styling just because of like the machine wefts they're in rows. And once you started to style back there, the wefts turn to show, but the hand knots are a lot more versatile so you can do a lot more things with it which is fantastic. Oh, and I forgot to mention this is Remy human hair. I have no idea where they're sourcing their hair from, but it is spectacular, it is so soft. There is no shedding whatsoever. I just have nothing bad to say about this wig. It is so so so so gorgeous. I mean come on. And this length is just so gorgeous. But let me just emphasize how comfy this cap is. I don't think I've ever had a cap this comfortable before, and that is saying a lot. I have tried so many wigs from so many different companies over the past, you know 10 years from the start of me wearing a wig and I've never had something this comfortable. It's just, its amazing!  

I'm a little bit more hyped up than usual. A, because I love this wig. I think it's spectacular. But also, I'm going on vacation tomorrow. I'll probably be posting this video when I'm back from vacation, but just so you guys know why I'm a little bit hyped up. I am going on a vacation tomorrow, I'm so excited. But anyway, guys I have nothing bad to say about this wig. Let me give you an up-close or let me give you like a turnaround. So here we go. Here is a side view. Also, don't mind the mess, I'm trying my best. And here is the back. Like it's so gorgeous and it's so light it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a wig and it's so comfortable.

I'm just living for this Hera 19, and I think everyone deserves a Hera 19. Because it's honestly such a good quality wig. And you guys know how honest and authentic I am on this channel, and this is my honest truth. I'm just so happy with it. I love it so much. Quick video interruption to say hello to my dog. I think I see someone outside. This is Hope, everybody, she's a husky lab mix. I love her very very much, she's very cute. But I think that is it for today's video, I do have a discount code for you guys. So, feel free to use that at checkout. It is MarcyWow10 I will also have it typed out in the description box down below. Be sure to use that if you're interested in buying a Dimples unit. I highly would recommend doing so if you haven't begun to tell but I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope you guys follow Dimples on their social media and go check out their website because they are truly fantastic. They are a smaller company, but they've been around for so long and they've spent so much time perfecting the most comfy and most natural, most beautiful wig. And I think they have finally achieved it because I am just obsessed as you guys know.


"...I'm just living for this Hera 19, and I think everyone deserves a Hera 19. Because it's honestly such a good quality wig."


But that is it for me. I will have all of the information listed down below but, in the meantime, if you enjoyed this video, give it a big thumbs up. If you enjoyed watching my face and want to subscribe to my channel that would mean a lot. And also follow me on all my other social media platforms and I will also have those listed down below but you can also find me under the name @theartofalopecia. Have a great day guys, and we'll see you next time on the art of alopecia. Bye guys. 

Click here to find out more about the Hera 19 | Remy Human Hair Front Lace Wig.

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