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Article: Dimples Hera 19 in Rooted Nutmeg: My first luxury human hair wig.

Dimples Hera 19 in Rooted Nutmeg: My first luxury human hair wig.
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Dimples Hera 19 in Rooted Nutmeg: My first luxury human hair wig.

Hi, I'm Ashley. This year marks, and today I'm looking at the hair and 19-inch wig from Dimples Hair. I am so excited to get into this because, well, you know, I do a lot of budget reviews, but I have yet to do a true luxury piece review. And that's exactly what this is, a luxury hairpiece. So let's get into it.

All right. Before we get started, just a little bit of backstory. Dimples has been around for a long time, I believe since the 1960s. And the CEO, James Todd, is the son of the founder. It's a cool story that it is a family company, and they have been providing hairpieces to women for generations. This piece, "The Hair," is 19 inches.

It features beautiful Remy hair and comes complete with a cut, which for me is a huge bonus. I don't have a stylist yet whom I can trust with my wigs, so it's critical to me that the pieces come wearable. And I know there's a lot out there about customizing wigs, but for me to be able to just put it on and go is important.

I have this piece in the color rooted nutmeg. I am an ashy medium brown if you can tell. And this leans warmer than my bio hair. In fact, the entire Dimples line does leave me warmer, but I'm extremely ashy, so this is totally normal for me. The rooting, however, on the rooted nutmeg, allows me to blend my bio hair beautifully.

And you'll see me do that in just a second. Okay. Let's take a look at the inside of the cap. So first off, we have this wide monofilament area. Each of these pieces is individually hand-tied. Now, in a lot of wig companies, what you end up with is a parting or even a full top that is hand-tied, but with Dimples.

You're getting a complete high-end hand-tied cap throughout, which is cool.

That means you're going to have maximum room for parting at the top. You can do the middle side, left side, or right. But you're also going to have amazing movement throughout the piece because we have zero weft in here. If you want to see wefting, take a look at my other videos, but I will send you a comparison video between a well-fitted piece and Dimples hand-tied pieces.

So each of these hairs is individually sewn into the cap. That means this takes a long time to make. In fact, CEO James Todd once told me that it takes something like a year for production to get one piece in the company's hands. That's amazing. And it does explain why you might find these pieces to be a little bit on the higher end because there's so much craftsmanship that goes into this.

So we have a fully hand-tied cap. We have Velcro tabs, which I have cinched in quite a bit, and we have these beautiful metal ear tabs. The entire thing is very soft, very stretchy, and very comfortable. It's like a cloud on your head. I will talk about sizing, though, briefly. As you can see, I have this quite a bit of the way in.

I, for reference, have a 21.25-inch circumference, and this fits me a little on the left side. So please do keep that in mind. If you are ordering from Dimples, you're going to want to size down most likely if you are between sizes. As I said, I'm small, and I've got this cinched in all the way, and there's still quite a bit of room in the cap.

Hand-tied does also result in more room. That tends to be the case. Resting creates a tighter cap. But I also have very little bio hair to put in there. So there's not much room needed for me. But if you have more bio hair, you might find this to be perfect. The other feature that it comes with is the scalloped edging on the way.

So you don't even need to cut the lace yourself, which is a nerve-racking thing for many of us. So it's ready to go. We've got the cut, we've got the lace cut, we've got the style cut. We've got beautiful hair. Let's put her on. So when I'm putting her on, I want to make sure that I'm only moving her using the ear tabs.

You do not want to be tugging at the lace where you might damage it. So here she is, beautiful hair color and beautiful softness. What I do need to do right now is make a little bit of an adjustment to the part. So she came with the zigzag part. I did run a comb through it to try to eliminate that part, but I need to do a bit of a better job yet, and I wanted to do it on camera so you can see how I do this.

I'm also going to use a rat tail comb to pull out my bio hair. Now I have curly bio hair, so I do have to straighten it in advance in order to do this. And of course, if you don't have any bio hair, you don't need to worry about it. The ear tabs do come quite far down on me.

So if you don't have my bio hair to blend, you need not worry. There's great coverage here in the front. So to fix up this part exactly the way I want it and get the hair out of my face, I'm going to use a spray bottle of water and get that hair back.

So because this is 100% human hair, Remy, human hair, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to styling.

You can treat this like your own bio hair, which means you can apply heat, you can apply curlers, flatten her whatever you want to do to create the most natural and realistic finish for you. So you can see I put a bit of water and now I'm just working it through and trying to get that hair off my face.

I need to add a little bit more at the front here. I always love doing this bit because I don't have a lot of bio hair that I get to style. So to be able to do this with a wig makes me feel normal. All right. So I went in, sprayed some tap water through the hair, and combed her back.

I could do more if I wanted, but I don't think it's going to be necessary. I think just that little bit is quite enough. I don't need her to be completely off my face. I just want her to be somewhat off my face. I like the look of the hair being a little bit closer. It makes it feel more natural to me, so I'm okay with it like this.

Now what I'm going to do is use a hairdryer to push the hair back while it's still down and get it to stay in the place that I'd like to set. All right. So now I've added some volume and some lift. She's still drying, so she's not completely dry, but she is off my face a bit. And I feel like she just looks so much more natural than when I took her out of the box and she had her box here.

She's ready now for me to add full curls. If I want to add full curls or straighten her completely if I want to do that. I like these loose waves, so I'm pretty happy with her as she is. I think she's ready to go. The only change that I might consider making to her at this point is may pluck some of the hairline where I intend to wear the hair most often.

It's a pretty dense hairline. And while that is very desirable for someone who doesn't have a lot of hair, for me, I think I might like it to be just a little bit wider. But I also have a bone to pick with companies that have too wide of a part. So I like the Dimples make it a little bit denser.

And then you have room to play and pluck individual hairs if that's something that you choose to do. So here she is, a Hera 19.

And my goodness, let me tell you Comfort like I've never experienced in a wig before. I could wear this all day long; there's no tugging, no pulling. It's just like a cloud

And I am very much excited to see how she holds up over long-term wear. But I'm sure it's going to be amazing. The hair quality just looks so beautiful and I know that the company stands firmly behind their products and their pieces. They only do a handful of things and they aim to do that handful of things very, very well.

And I think that that is truly what we need in the world is, you know, a master of a few different pieces. And so far this one feels very, very good to me. Oh, there is one more thing I wanted to add. My apologies for having this at the end, but as I've been showing you the hairline, I don't know if you've caught it.

They do not bleach their knots. And this is something that I didn't mean to tell you and I forgot to tell you. So if you look closely, you will see knots in this piece. For me, it's not a big deal. But I did ask James Todd, the CEO, about this because, you know, there's a lot of push to bleach knots in the world of human hair wigs.

And he was pretty adamant about maintaining the integrity of the piece for the long term. So, you know, you're spending good money on this piece for the luxury cap for the high and tight features and sort of go ahead and bleach those knots means that they won't be as long-lasting. The integrity of that hair fiber is weakened by the bleaching.

So for that reason, he has decided not to bleach the knots on his pieces. So if that's something that bothers you, you can either not get the piece or you can use this little hack that I like to use.

So my little hack is a powder. A lot of people who do this use face powder like a L'Oreal true magic, something like that.

But I like to use eyeshadow because I feel like it's longer lasting on the whole. So I just get a little bit of nude-colored face powder and I put it directly on that part line, making sure to wedge it in. And that does a great job of concealing the knots and creating what I feel is quite a natural part.

So there's a little hack for you and already you can see it's made such a difference. And truthfully, I don't think anyone's going to be that close to me to ever notice. But if they are, it's a price that I'm willing to pay for a long-lasting quality hairpiece. So thank you, Dimples, for sending this over in exchange for educational content.

I hope that you all check out Dimples. If you have any questions, please drop them below. I will do my best to answer, and if I don't have an answer, I will find an answer for you. I also have a coloring for all of their room hair colors, so I'm happy to take a video for any color that you would like to see help you to navigate that color world.

Because it can be a tricky one for sure when you're spending big money on hair. And I wish you all the best of luck in your hair loss journey and in your wig-finding journeys.



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