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Article: @Beebearshair review of our Hera 19 | Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Hera 19 | Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig
Wig Education

@Beebearshair review of our Hera 19 | Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Watch Blair's (aka @beebearshair) full in-depth review of our Hera 19 | Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig in color Espresso 2N.


So now we're venturing into the world of wigs, and Dimples kindly gifted
yes, because have you seen their website? Their pieces are nice um but i did want to do an honest review
today so I actually, in preparation for this, when I first got the wig, I wore it a full week. A full week and I'm telling you when I say a full week I mean from sun up to sun down I was wearing this wig depending on if it was a work day or not. I was wearing this wig anywhere between 16 to 20 hours a day.
Now let me tell you, this wig is so comfortable that by the end of the day, I didn't want and I'd put a shower cap on, and then I wait a minute, I'm wearing a wig. What am I doing? But that is seriously how comfortable this wig is, and I don't say that lightly at all. Most of the time if I go to work in a wig, and I come home. I rip that thing off as soon as I walk in the house, like sometimes wigs can be a little bit you know, a little bit much. I live in Texas. So, again if you're not from my instagram, I'll throw in some details here for you.

"...this wig is so comfortable that by the end of the day, I didn't want to take it off. I would get in the shower and I'd put a shower cap on, and then I was like, wait a minute, I'm wearing a wig."

But I'm from Texas. The heat easily reaches over 100 degrees fahrenheit on a
e get maybe one month of cold weather if we're lucky, and that's like 50
 hear from most of you that's not cold. So, I live in a hundred plus degree weather pretty much most of the year and this hairpiece is
hen I'm out I don't want to take it off, when I get home, it's just a piece that you can easily wear all day because of the cap construction, and I'll show you that a little bit later in the video.
The cap construction is so thin, that even with my bio hair under here and tucked in or down, which it's down right now in under this wig. It's just so still, so comfortable, so snug, so breathable, because of the the type of netting, and the hand tied it's just an amazing thing.
Next thing I want to talk about right now is the hair specifics. So, this wig is in the color Espresso 2N from Dimples, and that is the darkest color they actually carry. So, it's really important to me to find a company that carries a solid color piece that is a pretty good match to my bio hair. So my hair is under here. It's a pretty good match. Honestly, if you were to see my side forehead hair here
ou wouldn't know the difference. So that's something that's super important to me.

"...It's just so still, so comfortable, so snug, so breathable, because of the the type of netting, and the hand tied back portion of this wig which it's just an amazing thing."

to me when purchasing from a company is
pieces that will fit somebody with a
r, that is willing to order the piece or
companies are willing to do that, but
this wig which does fit 21 inches, and it
that gives it extra security. Plus I just
well which i'll show you a bit later in
they have. I'm wearing a small right now. you more details.
So this is a much movement. See that? So much movement you can pin this back, put it up and it's not going to give you
top or a machine wefted type of wig so
t's also a swiss lace front which as you can see here you look very closely you can see that and I think it blends pretty well.
wouldn't have seen where that was.
And this one is called the Hera 19. So it is 19 inches from crown tips. And I just measured it right now to be sure for you all. But it also does have different measurements um so the front is 13 inches, the sides are 13 and the back and the nape are also 13 inches as well. What I like about this wig and being made the way it is, is it kind of already gives you some framing here and some layers as you can see, there's shorter pieces on this hair. So for me, I have two local stylists that are very good at what they do.
about alternative hair and know how to
my alternative hair because once it's cut,
hat's it and it's very difficult to get an appointment with them and I don't
wait months. Months. I'm not even exaggerating, to get an appointment with them.
I want to be able to wear the piece already as is you know. So whether the company does a cut on their own, they always do face framing or just like this. The way this piece is created on its own. Dimples doesn't do any cutting to it. It's, it's wearable, it's honestly wearable. So i really like the way this piece was created. Because of that all i did was, I just styled it, I took it out of the box. It comes out straight and then I just added some waves to it, combed them out a little bit because I don't like very tight curls and that's it.
So now that I've talked about some specifics of the wig. I'm going to go ahead and take it off so you can see my bio hair and all of its beauty. But so we can also show you the inside of the wig. So here we go, here's my wig grip that I of course wear. I do like to wear my hair down under the wig and I will tell you why. It's because of this cap construction. So like I've mentioned already before, I do wear wigs already. And in a typical wig that is machine wefted, um it's pretty snug against my head, to where if I put my hair in a bun or a braid, and pin it back, it's going to keep that hair flat against my head all day. This piece being created the way it was created with this very nice thin cap does not keep the head flat against my head the whole day. I felt like it kind of just bunched up. So as you can see, it probably looks like I have a pretty decent amount of hair. I mean if I were to button it up, I'd have a cute little bun there but uh my hair thinning centers here. So as you can see, it would be pretty difficult and painful
clips through here where I have thinned so
So that's why I'm venturing into the world of wigs now. But I was finding it very difficult to wear the hair inside the wig because the cap is a bit more flexible
y hair would just slip out of its bobby pins or just end up being on the top, here in a bun just down on the nape of my neck by the end of the day or after a few hours and then I just had this like slight bulging section of the wig that I could tell. I'm sure other people would just be like oh her hair has volume but I knew that it was my hair and it bothered me.
But the hair is a pretty good match to mine, like this Hera is just gorgeous. This espresso color is
and so I can just wear the hair down. If I were to have styled it better, it would have looked a little bit better with this. If I would have just done the waves the same, but I do wear it down just with the um grip holding the hair back.
But anyway, now to get to the specifics. This is what the part line looks like. You can kind of see my finger through there. Fear not you will not see your hair if you
have hair like myself. You will not see it through the wig, um and then in the front we have this swiss lace. Like I had talked about earlier and it's kind of like in a scalloped type of shape. I like this because I am, I get really anxious cutting lace on a wig. I have messed it up a little bit before and it's scary because once you cut the lace, you cut the lace and that's it. So this is the lace for this wig, no need to cut anything and it lays pretty flat against your head. So if you have hair to make sure everything's completely 
ight and the lace is only forehead to forehead so this really works out for me because I do still have some forehead hair here, a little bit of temple here and when I have lace I always have to just cut off all the lace because I have hair still under the wig. No need to do that here because it stops at the temple and then under here you have the mono top section. This is the movable section of hair that you have, so you have this whole section to move around the part line. Mine's right here so it's, it's almost to the end so it's pretty decent section for you to move over if you have a very deep part like myself.
Then here are the ear tabs as well. There is a tiny piece of wire in there that you can kind of move around and bend. I don't need it though it just, it stays
 don't feel like it needs to be moved or anything. And then this bottom section here is where you can really see
everything that's hand tied. Kind of looks like a net almost. It's a good density though so you're not going to be able to see that. Trust me, I have pinned the hair back before you know and a half up with the clip and you don't see any of
that section where it looks kind of like a net.

"...I mean this hair has so much great movement. You could probably even completely cover up the part line by pushing all the hair back and it would still look really cute."

And here's the hair all the way back o you see how cute that is? That looks like layering. I seriously would never be able to articulate this to a stylist if I wanted it. And then inside here on the bottom at the nape of the neck there are these adjustable velcro straps. Like I said my head is 20.5 inch circumference, this is the 21 inch wig. I just wear mine all the way tight with the wig grip. I had to put my wig grip back on under the wigs that way it would stay in place because again, my head is small but if you do not have hair under this wig that is still fine as well.
So if you wanted to put it back and you're worried you know that there's really nothing much here. out and either just leave it out if you're doing a half up half down. Or you can always cut a little bit into it like baby hairs. Like I did. I kind of cut a tiny section on here on each side of the wig just to go ahead and leave out when I do pin it back so it kind of looks cute too. And every time I do it, I also swoop it pretty low at my ears so even if I didn't have bio hair, there wouldn't be an issue. You wouldn't even be able to tell at all and it still looks really cute, I mean this hair has so much great movement. You could probably even completely cover up the part line by pushing all the hair back and it would still look really cute.
So there's just a lot that you can really do with this wig. I personally don't like wearing my hair up very often anyway um but I do like it's still super cute and stays super well and looks nice. That's always an option. One thing I'm going to tell you right now is, do not have the expectation that the wig is going to look perfect out of the box, and I know that sounds crazy, you just want to get a wig and plop it on your head. This is not the case for this wig. This wig that I'm wearing right now, I have styled it. I have styled the wig. I have changed the part line. When you first get this wig it does not look like it has a deformed- it does not look like it has a defined part line like this. So when I got this wig it had this weird criss-crossy thing that you couldn't
a part line on this wig at all. It looked a little bit scary and intimidating to me but having already worn wigs in the past and worn toppers, I knew that not everything's gonna be perfect out of the box so I actually made a reel on my
showing how to move apart on a hair piece.
Now, Dimples pieces do have a movable section so I believe it's from here, I can feel it to here, that you can move this around. So if you can kind of see here
ou can move this around, this is a bi-directional parting so it comes with this weird zigzag in the middle of the wig.
I don't wear a middle part, I look absolutely ridiculous in a middle part. Let me tell you, so automatically I knew I had to move it. All it took was a little bit of water, a rat tail comb, and a blow dryer, that's it. Easy easy easy all you need is a few items. It literally took me 30 seconds to do it during my reel,
so easy to move the part line. It's not at all intimidating. All you have to do is find what works best for you. And for me mine's a very deep- I can't talk today. Mine is a very deep left part that I have over here so i move the part around several times. Every time I get a piece, I tend to move the part around a lot because I'll move it slightly over, and then as I'm wearing it, It'll continue to slightly move over until I feel that it works best for me. It gives me the most volume on this side you know it has that level of flatness that I like on the opposite side so there's a lot for me that goes into moving the part because I'll do it for multiple days until I'm comfortable with where it's at.
Now that's the first thing, it's not gonna look right out of the box and that's okay because again, it's something as simple as moving the part over and fixing it the way you like. So please do not get the piece and look at it and think what is this?
t's okay, it's easy, it's not that scary. And once you do, it'll start looking like an actual scalp here. The next thing that I did after wearing like it had a lot of volume which, that is nice and that is all great, but sometimes when you have alopecia and your hair is thin. Iyourself with more hair. And for me having so much volume, and this hair it's also hand tied so it flows and moves better was so scary for me. So I figured I wanted my part a little bit more defined and this is where I'm going to talk about plucking. So Dimples if you see this, I'm sorry. I know these pieces are individually hand tied on here but I had to do something. So for me with this hairpiece it is a mono top, so if you have experience with hair, mono tops typically are more jam-packed with hair. That's the best way
thicker in the part area, thicker on the top area and sometimes it can be difficult to see a defined part. So for me, I want somebody to be looking at me and see what looks like skin.
Now when i first got this wig it was a bit more dense here that I felt like looking at myself in the mirror in a video. You couldn't really see the part so what I did
grabbed two or three hairs at a time
 did not make a video on this because I'm not encouraging you to pluck your wig. Because again, this is hand tied and you
but for me I wanted the part line to be a bit more defined and I personally have plucked a mono part before, our mono top before and so I knew that I could do it gently where I wouldn't mess anything up.
So for me, I did pluck a little bit and again I did two or three hairs at a time so
mannequin, I would pluck two or three
again go in, see where else I felt like I
thicken up the part. If you choose to do this, make sure the part is where you want it to be and that you're just not going to move it again. Because if you're the type who one day you have a left part, one day you
middle? Don't pluck it just don't pluck
define it a bit more but do not pluck the part and I'm saying that because if you're plucking it and then you're moving hair over, you're gonna have sections where there should be more hair or where
going to eventually mess up the rest of the wig and you just, you don't want to do that. But if you're like myself, I never move the part to the opposite way or back to the middle for the most part once I get it right where I know I want it all the time. I'm going to leave it there I'm hardly ever gonna move it anymore. When I wash it, I make sure it stays in place then for me it worked for me to pluck it so that's just something to think about.
great density though, I mean honestly I
just one of the bothers for me is a part line. Nothing wrong with that it's just a personal preference honestly just
wig. I'm still trying to figure out things to talk about but again on my instagram you can see a highlight for that. I've talked about the hair, um one other thing that is on my highlight as well is this hair is styled, so when this hair came it was the softest most butteriest hair I've ever touched out of a box before. It's just that soft and even now just running my fingers through it. It hardly even tangles, like my fingers will just run straight
piece off, I've flipped it upside down, I've done all these things to it in this video and it's still not tangled. So this is such a soft piece
and it comes straight so I did style it myself and I have already washed it as well because Dimples does state that the hair dries in a beach wave and I wanted to see what that looked like. I personally have been really wanting a curly piece and so I thought this was just perfect for me so all I did was, I washed the hair like I normally wash a piece and I actually used- pull these out. I actually used the conditioner and shampoo that Dimples also sent to me so thank you Dimples. They smell super great. The hair actually I washed it three weeks ago or so and it still smells like the conditioner.
these pieces this shampoo and conditioner I've actually been using on my own bio hair as well as the wig and these give hair volume. It hydrates the hair, it moisturizes the hair it's good for dry hair, curly hair, wavy hair, color treated hair, all of that great stuff. It reduces frizz as well which in a curly hair piece you want to make sure that you're using products also that work for curly hair. So I like that Dimples did send me those products and I'll definitely be investing in them on my own once I run out because I like it for my own hair
ut with that, once I conditioned it and I shampooed it, I dried it I kind of did the scrunching method to the hair while it was kind of drying a little bit
kind of just combed my fingers throughit to kind of loosen the curls a little bit and I think they dried super cute and kind of just think of a way like if you were to braid your hair overnight and leave it damp and wet and then you take it out in the morning it's going to look like those cute little waves on it so I like the way it dries texture wise.
But I also did go ahead and straighten it and then put in waves again because I wanted to see if the hair would still hold a different type of style because
it can be hit or miss. They might just only keep that texture and it won't look sleek still in a different type of style or different type of pattern that's not its natural curl pattern. But this one I see absolutely no issues with it. I did straighten it first and then re-curled it and then I also did part of the hair where I didn't straighten it and I still re-curled it and it still held the curl just as great and it still took to the heat just as great. So if you want a curly piece this is definitely for you. If you don't mind sometimes you want it curly sometimes you want to style it. This is still a great piece for you because it holds up so well. I think the last time I put these waves into it was about two weeks ago and I've still been wearing this piece often because again, Texas heat is awful and I still
a great review.

"...So if you want a curly piece this is definitely for you. If you don't mind sometimes you want it curly sometimes you want to style it. This is still a great piece for you because it holds up so well."

to it if you have any other questions you can visit my instagram for my Dimples highlight. You can dm me I'm always available there. You can comment below and I'll do my best to get back to you as well but
go check out my instagram page iIlike to
fun share common experiences and I like
and help educate others and just give you some tips and tricks and hopefully you can find the piece best for you.


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