The Do It Yourself Video On How To Put On A Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Check out our video on how to put on PRE-CUT LACE FRONT REMY HUMAN HAIR WIG. THAT'S HAND-TIED!

(FYI, this wig was pre-styled and washed earlier)


Remember to watch out for the lace. Never use the lace to pull the wig down or to reposition the wig; the lace front will rip. You can use the ear tabs to adjust your wig.


Here's your guide on how to wear a wig

1. Identify the front and back of the wig. 

2. Slip the wig over your head, find the ear tabs, and adjust appropriately above the ears.

3. Adjust the front lace to your hairline.

4. If there isn't a hairline or reference, place the wig about four fingers back from your eyebrows. Make sure not to pull on the lace when adjusting the wig. 

5. Style as you would normally. 


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