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Article: Clio 14 L French Topper Review- Our Best Selling Topper!

Clio 14 L French Topper Review- Our Best Selling Topper!
Topper Education

Clio 14 L French Topper Review- Our Best Selling Topper!

Are you guys ready for this insanely realistic, lightweight, beautiful, and comfortable hair topper review?  

Here we go!  

I love discussing hair toppers and alternative hair for hair loss. I will share my experience and personal opinion using Clio French 14L from Dimples in this post. This does not work for everybody but indeed for a lot of people.

"This amazing Topper is fantastic, and I truly recommend this without a doubt."

It's a new piece from Dimples hair, similar to the one I reviewed last year. Still, this Clio French 14L is like an upgraded version and my absolute favorite summer piece. 

This piece is almost identical to the other dimples toppers; the most significant difference is that instead of being a mono-top, Dimples calls it a French top similar to a silk top. The knots are invisible, and it looks like it's growing right out of your scalp. That's a huge plus! 

Product name:
  • Hair Length: 14" Hand Tied strand by strand (16" overall)
  • Large-cap (L)
  • Color: Nutmeg (rooted) 6N8GR
  • Base Size: 6" wide x 7" long


  • Little longer than the other Clio topper  (Clio 12L)
  • Looks natural 
  • It has a baby clip for extra flat and security 
  • Two clips on the sides -give extra security 
  • Realistic scalp 
  • Thin, lightweight, and flexible silk top 
  • Almost transparent 
  • 100% hand-tied 
  • Knots are invisible, it's like growing right out of your scalp! 

A lot of silk tops can be a little bulky. It feels thick, sits pretty heavy, and can be hotter for many. The hair is the same density from the root to the tip in the same length.

"This Clio French 14L is different. It's really thin, lightweight, and flexible. It's almost transparent. "Less fabric, less bulk. "

I think it is a slightly more realistic texture and has returned hairs in this piece. The cap construction gives you the best of both worlds because you get the realistic-lightweight scalp and natural-lightweight density. It's more comfortable and cooler. Just like the other Dimples toppers, the ridges are thin. 

If you are familiar with some hair toppers, the hairline can sometimes be a little bit bulky and too dense at the hairline. The little key strip that keeps the piece together is sometimes higher on your head.

"But this Clio French 14L sits flat and looks so good. It's undetachable. It's just seamless, and it works great for pretty much anybody that can wear this size of cap."

This cap is 100% hand-tied, so there's no weft. All the hairs are tied by hand, giving this wonderful and natural movement. You can style this; it is so versatile. You could do pigtails and not even see any kind of wefts. The cap size is also fantastic for like updos. You can even do higher updos because it's small. 

"The hair itself is so soft and high quality. I've tried dozens of toppers, and this Clio French 14L has amazing hair quality."

It doesn't dry super straight; it dries with a little bit of a wave. I love it! Another thing is that it holds a style well, and it has a natural texture. I love how much volume I can get with this cap. It's the same volume as the other mono-top piece I have from Dimples. It's great that I can get some good lift. It doesn't go super flat, and I don't have to constantly fight its volume. We're trying to make it defy gravity like it just holds. It just has this natural volume. I hope this piece will last a couple of years with good care. 

Clio French 14L Topper Color 

The color of this Clio French 14L is nutmeg rooted. This topper is gorgeous and has an excellent dark root. Most of Dimple's colors have some rooting, and this piece is a medium brown with highlights. Dimples have also got a few more colors that you will surely love.

"Their colors are not flat. They're all dimensional. It makes color matching easy."

You must be spot on if trying to match one solid color to your bio hair. But if you get something with some dimension, which means there's some light and some dark in it and different tones, sometimes that makes it so much easier because it's bound to grab some of your natural colors and make it all a match.  

If you're worried about color matching, you may order color rings on Dimple's website. You can have it shipped and then try these colors on your hair. You can clip them in and see which ones match your hair best. It's recommended to keep this accessory and use it in the future as your guide for selecting colors. 

Let me tell you to whom this Clio French 14L is a perfect fit. This piece might be a game changer if you have a smaller face and maybe a narrower forehead. By the way, it still works for regular or larger shapes. I've got a pretty broad look, and it still fits perfectly for me and gives me just the right amount of coverage.  .  

It will give you a complete layer of coverage around your hair, so it's excellent coverage, but it's still light density. The light density makes blending in with your bio hair so effortlessly. If you are looking for something longer, you can have it cut in as a layer because the ends aren't so dense or blunt. They can easily be cut, and you could keep your bio hair longer. 

"Clio French 14L is one of my favorite pieces to recommend for first-timers."

Here are a couple of reasons: 

1. You get the realistic scalp we're all super aware of when we first get a piece. This keeps your mind at ease because you don't have to worry about people noticing, seeing the knots, or wondering what people are looking at. It sits super flat and makes blending easy. Most people, if you have a decent hairline, you can blend with this easily, and it's not a problem.

2. I love its light density! With their first piece, most people are searching for something that looks natural and not too big of a change. It will look like you got a new haircut or got your hair colored. It's light-density but still gives you an entire layer of coverage. You will not find it too overwhelming. 

3. This is not hot! This one is for you if you're looking for a lighter-weight piece for summer. I have some gorgeous silk tops, but they're going to be hot for summer. Now that I have this Clio French 14L, I'm looking forward to wearing this piece and wearing it up off my neck to be comfortable and look good. Many people are worried about how hot the toppers are, and I always say it's like having that much extra hair and then wearing a ball cap on top of it. This Clio French 14L topper is lighter than that. I don't feel like I'm even wearing a ball cap. I feel like I have more hair. This is one of my most fabulous toppers. I usually go for a mono-top or lace top in the summer because you've got good airflow, and it's just not as hot as some of the tops with larger caps.    


Let's get into some of the cons because this one won't work for everybody, just like all hair toppers.  

  1. If your hair loss is advanced to the point where you don't have enough hair to clip this piece into, this probably won't work for you. You can measure this to six inches across using a tape measure to know where it will clip. I do wish there was an option for a larger cap. I still think that some people aren't quite ready to jump into a wig. 
  2.  If you don't have a pretty decent hairline, this piece might not be your best option. It does not have lace in the front, so you've got to have a little hair on your hairline to blend in. Now, I can conceal my hairline a little bit to make it look thicker. I still have enough hair in the front to pull out and blend. You'll want to have that, too, for this piece to work for you. 
  3. This may not be long enough for some. This topper is 16 inches in length. But to be honest, I don't think I would want longer hair on this size of cap. I think it would add more weight. I love the length that matches mine perfectly. You wouldn't want to wear this piece longer than your bio hair because it's so thin on the bottom. If you want the piece to blend in with your hair longer, you can always have it cut in as a layer. Talk to a stylist to see how that would work for you. But this is an ideal piece to cut in for layering. Like most toppers, this one will come out of the bag looking terrible. 

I've had people message me, panicking that they didn't get the same pieces. Please remember that this is not a one-size-fits-all and is a blank canvas for you. This Clio French 14L is all hand-tied; however, putting it into the bag will change the direction of the hair. It's maybe thin at the back or on one side or front. All you have to do is redirect the hair. The other thing is you always want to get a custom cut to style it.

You need to partner with a stylist to have a cut. Things you can style differently and then redirect to the hair part where you want it will make so much of a difference. It will be like a whole different piece than what came out of the bag.

You have to have a vision. Keep that in mind, and once you know if you will keep it, just start playing with it. Commit to the process. I promise it will be worth it.  

Why do I love Dimples? 

  1. Customer Service-I love their customer service. They are dedicated to providing something unique that's not on the market or elsewhere. Their pieces have very different designs, and I love that about DimplesThey're not just copying the next person. They're working on finding something different that will work for some people who really can't find an option very easily online.  
  2. Free consultations- if you're unsure about what piece you need or help with color matching, they're fantastic to work with. This family-owned company has been in the business since the 70s. They know their stuff, and they've learned a lot throughout this whole process. They're precious resources if you're looking for a hairpiece. They can help you pick out the right one, or you can ask me if I can help you find the right pieces.  


"Clio French 14L is so comfortable even when I take it on and off. It's just magic! "

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