Meet Full Strands Hair Restoration

Meet Full Strands Hair Restoration, a Dimples VIP salon partner specializing in hair loss located in Laguna Hills, CA. We caught up with founder, Debora Routhe, to learn more!

(Dimples) How did you get started?  
(Full Strands) About ten years ago, I noticed many of my clients coming to me with concerns about their fine and thinning hair. I understand how they feel because I have an autoimmune disease and have lost 1/3 of my hair three times in my adult life. I made it my mission to help them. I sought out solutions and learned about techniques and available  products. Over the years, I’ve perfected my craft. 

(D) What is your why? 
(FS) I love to help my clients recover their dignity and self esteem. There is nothing more rewarding than helping clients feel their best and see themselves looking like they did years ago. I still get goosebumps every time we see the finished result. 

(D) What advise would you give to someone new to hair loss? 
(FS) “You don’t have to go it alone!” I would advise someone new to hair loss to find a certified hair restoration stylist and go for a consultation. A professional stylist can assess your situation and make an appropriate recommendation for a correct solution to your concerns. You will receive advise on color and style and your stylist can customize the hair system to make it perfect for you.  

(D) What is something that is authentic about your business?
(FS) We are transparent in all we do. We communicate clearly regarding the products options, and pricing so our clients can make an informed decision. I know they appreciate the privacy, compassion and individual attention we give them. 

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