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Topper and Wig Customization Conditions and Journey


Why we offer custom cuts and coloring?

Our purpose is to EASE The DIFFICULT JOURNEY. One of the biggest issues we have discovered with consumers is that there are not enough stylists out there who are educated in the customization of toppers and wigs. By offering this new service we get to live our purpose and help more women with hair loss.

We have partnered with a top stylist that specializes in customizing toppers and wigs. We have been working with this stylist for many years, and she knows Dimples products better than anyone we know. We have done our very best to keep the costs down, while offering free ground shipping all the way.

***Limited Time Promotion: FREE GIFT with purchase of Customizations: Complementary Shampoo, Conditioning and Styling with any Customization Option you Choose. This is a $95.00 value, free for a limited time.***

Want waves, curls, a left side part, etc... make sure to tell your Dimples Stylist after you purchase your cut and color customization options

How it Works

When purchasing a Dimples human hair topper, at check out, you'll see options for customization: bang cut in, root color, highlighting...etc, choose one, several, or all the custom items you want. All customizations are done in the USA. See below for Details

Conditions for Product Customization

Absolutely no returns or exchanges

The only time for a return or exchange, is when the topper FIRST reaches you (from Dimples) within 3 days of receipt. You have the opportunity to check the topper to see if it's right for you. If you don't like it,or need to exchange, fill in our returns/exchange form, but if the topper has already been sent from you to our stylist, then you cannot return or exchange. If you had a consultation prior to purchasing your topper will be the right one.

Topper customization service only available for consumers in Continental USA ONLY

If you add custom services at checkout and you live outside of Continental USA, we will refund you for the services minus a 3% restocking fee, (for the credit card and processing fees Dimples was charged).

ONLY AVAILABLE for NEWly purchased Dimples Human Hair Toppers: Consumers please add services at check out when purchasing topper.

Customization Services not available for other topper or wig brands

Only available for Dimples Toppers. Dimples Wig customization, TBD.

Any “more customization items” you want after you receive your customized topper within 14 days only (“oh, I wish I had more blonde, or more…etc) extra services and shipping both ways will be charged. Reach out to us in the Dimples Shop Chat/email 

Shipping Type

Ground shipping only, for the free shipping that Dimples offers for this service. We pay for the shipping 3 ways! (from Dimples to you, you to our Dimples Stylist, Dimples Stylist back to you).

If you need expedited shipping, you will need to pay for all the 3 shipping fees (Dimples to you, you to Dimples Stylist, Dimples Stylist to you).

***Shipping insurance, we suggest you insure your order with ROUTE shipping, when checking out. See our Shipping terms and conditions. If you do not insure your item, your item will NOT be insurance for it's entire journey (from Dimples to you, from you to our remote Dimples Stylist and from Dimples Stylist to you).

The Topper Customization Journey

Two ways customize your topper (skip below for prefered way): 

Customization Journey Way #1:

  1. Buy Dimples topper and add services during check out without having any prior Dimples consultation. Then You book Dimples Customization consultation 3
  2. You receive topper (and decide you want to keep within 3 days of receipt)--After this stage you can no longer return or exchange your topper, see above for details.
  3. You Ship topper with prepaid shipping label in same box to Dimples Stylist Debora
  4. Do Zoom pre-booked consult 3 with Debora

  5. Share inspiration pictures of how you want your hair to look in Zoom Chat or Email (PRO TIP: Email inspiration pictures before you consultation for faster results)

  6. Debora does her magic (Debora may reach out again with questions via email before the magic happens)

  7. Debora ships topper with prepaid shipping label in same box back to you.

  8. Yay! You got your topper back and you're ready to rock it! Your topper is now ready to wear. Your topper was shampooed, conditioned, cut and or colored and styled



Customization Journey Way #2:

  1. You booked consult 1 (prefered option, for quicker results and less chances of ordering the wrong item).Going this route- you buy topper with a high success rate because stylist told you what size and color to get. If you sent your inspiration pictures, you may also get quicker turn around by purchasing at the end of the consult while adding your custom color and cut items. 
  2. Dimples Consultation made sure you got the right topper and the right color.
  3. You purchased your topper with customization add ons at check out
  4. You receive topper (and decide you want to keep it, within 3 days)

  5. If customization help was not possible during consult 1, you go online and book consult 3 for customization

    1. You do Zoom consult 3 with Debora

    2. You Share Inspiration pictures in Zoom Chat or Email

  6. You Ship Dimples topper with prepaid shipping to Debora

  7. Debora does her magic (Debora may reach out again with questions via email before the magic)

  8. Debora ships topper with prepaid shipping back to you.

  9. Yay! You got your topper! Get ready to rock it! Your topper is now ready to wear.

  10. It might need some light styling since it may have lost some style during shipping.

  11. Your topper was shampooed, conditioned, cut and or colored and styled!


Timing: up to 22 days (not including any slow downs from shipper/holiday/bad weather). If you live closer to Dimples (L.A) and Debora (Seattle) shipping times will be much faster.

  1. Free Ground ship from Dimples to you (up to 5 business days)

  2. You Ground ship Free to Debora (up to 5 business days)

  3. Cutting/Styling/Coloring by Debora–after consultation, up to 7 days

  4. Free Ground ship back to you (up to 5 business days)

Protip for faster turn around:

If you are a returning customer and you are 100% sure on the color and style you want for your topper, you can request to ship directly to Debora (and not to you), and then have your Customization Consultation with Debora and then Debora will ship to you after customizing, all with pre-paid free ground shipping from Dimples. This way you get so save at least 5 days. NOTE: by choosing this option you waive the right for a refund or exchange.

Make sure to see Conditions above for Shipping, expedited shipping and shipping insurance.

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