We Guarantee to get it right for you with the Dimples PerFit Proven Process. With a FREE consultation using our Dimples PerFit Proven Process, we've got you covered with.

The Dimples PerFit Proven Process 

1. Book on Zoom here or Chat now on FB Messenger

Click one of the above links to meet up with a Dimples Hair Expert. By clicking the Zoom link you'll get to see our Live Calendar, and you'll actually get to book, without the back and forth.

We'll discover to see if Dimples is the RightFit for you. (If we are not the RightFit we will be sure to redirect you as best as we can.)

2. Find the PerFit One

We spend the time to listen to your journey, experiences, needs, goals, and pain points.  We'll talk about how you want to look and feel with your new hair. We may ask to see pictures of the style you want and your desired color too. We're pretty good at matching colors.

3. Book your free aftercare consultation

We ship your hair out after a final quality control check. We follow up with you with educational videos. We will follow up to make sure your new hair is awesome.