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Beyond the Head Start: Presented by Dimples

EPISODE 8: Transform Your Look: Expert Hairpiece Styling & Care Tips | Debora Routhe Interview

Episode 7: Stress, Trauma and hair loss from extreme sports injuries: first consumer talks

Stress, Trauma and hair loss from extreme sports injuries: first consumer talks

Episode 6: From Postpartum Depression to Extreme Self Care: The Story of Emily Raber

Emily Raber's story of hair loss

Explore the personal experience of Emily and her battle with hair loss - its emotional impact, challenges, and the journey to self-care with hair toppers. The discussion also provides practical advice on dealing with thinning hair, decisions about hair behavior, and emotional growth. Alongside personal stories (including how Emily spontaneously shaved her head one day), we delve into informational discussions about selecting the right hair topper. Guidance, ranging from online color selection to life changing self-care routines, help demystify the hair topper selection process. The discussions emphasize the importance of mindset, establishing skills to manage hair loss, and the amazing online support. As Emily says in our talk, "You're not alone in your journey."

Episode 5: From Being Bullied to Open Heart Surgery, Kristina's Alopecia Story.

Kristina's story about her alopecia journey, wearing wigs and more

In a heartfelt and candid conversation, we dive into Kristina's inspiring journey of living with alopecia. From her teenage years marked by bullying and the stress of her stepmom's illness to her journey towards self-acceptance, Kristina shares her experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Join us as we unravel her remarkable story of resilience and growth.

Episode 3: "I'm Taking my Hair off, he said, "WHAT!?!" The Story of Tracy Hobbs Corwin the Topper and Wig Stylist

Tracy Beyond the Head Start talks about her story and how she works with toppers and wigs

In the world of beauty and style, there are countless hair professionals who work diligently to help people look and feel their best. But today, we're going to introduce you to someone truly special. Meet Tracy, a hair stylist with a unique focus on toppers and wigs, whose journey in the beauty industry has been nothing short of remarkable. In this conversation, we'll delve into Tracy's story, her passion for helping those experiencing hair loss, and the challenges and triumphs that have defined her career. In order to get a better connection with her clients, Tracy shaved her head.

Episode 2: "I Lost my Hair when I was Six Years Old." | The Story of Marcy Gallant

Marcy's hair loss story on beyond the head start 

Meet Marcy Gallant, a 22-year-old social media influencer who is redefining beauty standards. Diagnosed with Alopecia at the age of six, Marcy's journey from self-consciousness to self-assured confidence is both inspiring and empowering. Join us as we explore her story of embracing Alopecia and celebrating individuality.

Episode 1: "The Most Powerless I've Ever Felt About My Physical Appearance" | The Story of Lacie Rodriguez.

Lacie's hair loss story on beyond the head start

Lacie Rodriguez, known for her social media presence, is also a source of inspiration within the online community for female hair loss. Her journey began in college when depression and anxiety triggered her hair loss. Hair toppers became her unexpected lifeline, restoring her confidence. But her story goes beyond external solutions. Lacie emphasizes the link between outer appearance and inner well-being, advocating that addressing hair loss can foster inner wholeness. She candidly shares her battle with depression and anxiety since middle school, highlighting resilience and self-acceptance. Lacie's story is a reminder that our worth transcends physical appearance, offering valuable contributions to the world.

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